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    ban request Cicada



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    ban request Cicada

    Post  abp on Sun Jun 29, 2014 11:20 am

    Bnet Name of offender: Cicada

    Bnet Name of reporter: Samz

    Stats Page Game ID and Link:

    Replay Link:

    Reason to ban/warn: gameruing/blockin teamplayer to death 3x times, and flaming like a moron.

    Copy of rule that is broken:
    b) game ruining affects all players in the game and will face severe punishment. Starting for 7 days

    aspects and types of game ruining:

    v) blocking or forcing a team mate to die or miss intentionally
    (eg. Blocking paths to let opponent kill physically - using spells like repel to stop you casting or oracle spell to stop you attacking)
    vi) hero manipulation - (eg KOTL TP, tuskarr roll) to cause a negative outcome intetionally.
    and flamming like a moron

    Time of offense in-game: started blockin me since the begining of the game, told him to stop, and he kept telling bara to charge me, and kill me, and that "slarder" wont do anything, his flamming never stopped...even though mirana and i, started a votekick, the rest of the team didnt really care, so we went to fountain, and waited for them to tired of his blockin...

    the ban was approved by admin 190590, but i dont see the ban being on, due to his continualy flame in games, and that he actually can join any games...


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    Re: ban request Cicada

    Post  EnzoMofo on Mon Jun 30, 2014 4:20 am

    If this ban was approved by 19.05.90 i wanna hear it from him because, sry, but you had it comming...

    He went mid with slardar which can be REALLY usefull, and you went mid with zeus and only autoattacked, even though slardar was really trying to pull of lasthits... 0 farm for him AND you...

    Sry but stop being a dick to other players..

    No ban!

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