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    Ban request MH


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    Ban request MH Empty Ban request MH

    Post  sas_exw_olous on Tue Jun 24, 2014 5:52 am

    Bnet Name of offender: Mickey(flawless

    Bnet Name of reporter: Sas_Exw_Olous

    Replay Link:

    Reason to ban/warn: Maphack

    Time of offense in-game: 41min,right after Roshan kill,Axe following stealthed Roof in woods and using Berserker's Call to get the aggro.Using fog of war you can see that he couldn't have known which way Roof was heading and where exactly he stoped moving.
    I want to also ask for a warn to player Clubspaten,because just before the game ended he stated that there was a ward near the spot and that's how Axe knew,which is a lie as you can see in the replay.

    (64:28) Sas_Exw_Olous: gg wp with mher in your team
    (64:29) Teachmealesson: not rly wp
    (64:34) Teachmealesson: omni useless prick
    (64:37) Teachmealesson: so was furi
    (64:37) ClubSpaten: btw we ahd a ward there Wink

    Thanks in advance.

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    Ban request MH Empty Re: Ban request MH

    Post  EnzoMofo on Thu Jun 26, 2014 5:36 am

    mickey(flawless Perm banned for MH

    Fucktard lying bastard banned for a week... trying to cover up MH...

    Thx for report

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