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    unban request


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    unban request Empty unban request

    Post  RaGeBOy on Wed Jun 18, 2014 2:28 pm

    BNET name of player:
    Link to game that triggered ban: -
    Ban Reason: afk for too long
    Appeal Reason:I have no idea why should i be unbanned this time xD
    I'm careless and ready for a punishment
    I joined a game (AP-700) with 2 mates of mine
    Drunk.Bastard. and ohvisagefull  - then i went alt tab once again to read some posts here at forum..I was reading a post by DrazR against Cimbom and i got absorbed and came back to game just a few seconds after kickafk.I reallly dont do it on purpose but its a combination of unluck and no care...Shit happens -.-'
    Last time 190590 asked me to be more carefull..Well i tried to be more carefull but i failed to be,on 1 out of like 100 games that i have played since the last time i got banned.I know that i shouldnt let this happen:/....
    Well i got nothing more to say since its the 2nd time im getting banned for exactly same reason these weeks.
    Im really sorry for that,thanks for your time.

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    unban request Empty Re: unban request

    Post  EnzoMofo on Wed Jun 18, 2014 8:30 pm

    Appeal accepted...

    Though... Next time you will take the full punishment...

    A little tip for you when you are alt+tapped...

    When game goes to loadscreen from lobby, your mouse cursor moves to upper left corner, if you notice that then it wont be so hard to remember you are in game..

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