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    Warn/sanction request


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    Warn/sanction request

    Post  Drunk.Bastard. on Thu Jun 12, 2014 2:17 am

    Well i didnt wanted this to happen but when someone pass some limit of my kindness i gotta report even if he is admin.

    Name of reporter: Drunk.Bastard.
    Name of Offender: Drazr
    Game ID: AP-376
    Replay link:

    1st offence: I know enzo for like a year now and he never used commands in lobby to swap players in his team (Drazr swapped BobbyWhiteGent)
    2nd offence: (16:58) told me and lucky that we get ban for a day with no reason calling us retards (admins behavior o.0)
    3rd offence: again abuse of commands muted lucky with no reason.

    too bad that i havent screen of lobby as game started too fast
    but situations like this are just not fair:

    Its maybe a time for me to move to another server or dota2 as
    this server became something i dont want...
    Cheers Drunky!

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    Warn/sanction request for Drazr!!!! I totally agree!!! Ernie plz take a look!

    Post  Lucky.Strike. on Thu Jun 12, 2014 3:08 am

    I totally agree with this.His boyish behavior like this what drunk post here is not acceptable if ppl like him are admin here i think like drunk thats its time to go and play dota2 or something like that, i just hate stypid kids like him and i don't want him around like admin.He acting like retard.... Example--- (Drazr: "im admin i will ban you all im god if i say push you push if i say back you go back cos im admin and the god my slaves must listen to me")---....

                                                    Peace and best regards from

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    Re: Warn/sanction request

    Post  DrazR on Thu Jun 12, 2014 4:22 am

    You both are retarded, For one we are allowed to swap around in lobby so that complaint is false, Second of all I clearly stated If you guys continue to refuse to push I'll ban you

    (18:10) |cFFf50A0ADrazR: u refuse to push

    Stated right there.

    (18:30) Drunk.Bastard.: just ban me
    (18:32) Lucky.Strike.: you are history dude
    (18:38) |cFFf50A0ADrazR: keep refusing to push
    (18:40) |cFFf50A0ADrazR: and i iwll

    Look how you guys are talking, and your honestly gonna post this? You guys were both acting childish when i just asked for you to push with the team.

    The second I said I'll ban you if you keep refusing to push you both went on a little cry baby "Well i suck ernies dick, Well i suck enzo's dick" rant and i muted lucky strike because i was clearly done talking to both of u but he still kept ranting on. This is a joke request and you both should get a ban for how you were playing and acting

    And this.....

    "Its maybe a time for me to move to another server or dota2 as
    this server became something i dont want..."


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    Re: Warn/sanction request

    Post  pmgg on Thu Jun 12, 2014 4:03 pm

    !support drazr abuses admin daily

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    Re: Warn/sanction request

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