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    unban request Empty unban request

    Post  RaGeBOy on Wed Jun 04, 2014 10:12 pm

    BNET name of player:
    Link to game that triggered ban: -
    Ban Reason: afk..
    Appeal Reason: Well..I joined ap-931 and went alt tab.I was reading some random posts here on forum and when i went back to game i had already been kicked for afk..I didnt make it to return to the game in time but some seconds after the kickafk..It's the 3rd time i get banned at gsd and each time for different reason.
    My 1st account here was rageboy(grc)tht and is a pretty new one..Im not sure if i desirve to get unbanned once again but i just hope so since im trying my best to follow the rules.I've played many games here and i'd really like to keep playing.
    I would also like to start playing at league bot some time to improve my skill since most of the players there are of great skill or at least better than mine(i have few games there).Anyway thanks for your time,sorry for being so careless!
    Please keep in mind that i play from internet cafe and about 5 guys here still play dota1 on gsd bots (3 of them leave pretty much and ip gets banned..i dont know all of them so i think that i cant really help it..) so there are many accounts with same ip adress.My accounts are gets)mad,rageboy(grc)tht and
    Thanks again!

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    unban request Empty Re: unban request

    Post  190590 on Wed Jun 04, 2014 11:36 pm

    Please take care if you join a game again, thx.


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