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    Team League Week 4 Round-Up



    Season 2 changes

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    Team League Week 4 Round-Up

    Post  ernie/3foot2 on Thu Mar 06, 2014 9:07 pm


    Some fantastic results, some expected and some changes to the league and some interesting "tactics" took place.

    We're coming into the home straight for the first GSD Team League season. We've had some ups and downs, but rest assured it's been a learning curve to everyone and most certainly for the GSD staff team who now have a much broader understanding of what ticks, works, and how to handle scenarios that were new to us. For those who were patient, thank you, for those who weren't... well... hows the bottom half of the league working out for you xD

    Coming off the back of the last statement, the teams at the top half of the table, have all shown great attitude and maturity, while still have a good time and jokes. Those struggling to take things further or up their game might want to take a look and example from those. The teams in the bottom half, I'm not saying you all have crap attitudes, but certain players are still.. STILL finding it hard to let go of the pub attitude of screaming for mh or cursing the wonderful "noob". Just a gentle reminder, there are referees in every game, if you think that mh was used, then wait till after the game or wisp your ref to highlight a player to be watched then they can keep an extra eye. There hasn't been a single game where I've noticed anything untoward and there hasn't been a single game where there was NOT constant and aggressive warding/dewarding.

    From a league persepective,

    Manapolice and NGK still go unbeaten in all games. They face off next week and will be in all reality, one of the biggest games of the league. Having watched both teams throughout, it's safe to say that both teams are able to adapt to a large range of setups, a large range of scenarios and especially in the case of Manapolice, even when on the back foot they can turn a game around to their advantage. The tenacity of both teams has been fantastic. The strike forces for both sides are brilliant, and even with the lack of OrangePuree this week NGK managed a pretty heavy blow to their opponents. Next week will be interesting as both teams, whilst different have had a very different set of heroes and tactics played at them. Good luck to both!

    In other news, team GDR made some interesting moves not seen in the league yet, the classic (pub) 5 man mid rush. Unfortunately they faced a team that knew how to farm and recover and knows the value of solo farm xp gold for carries while 2-3 defend and prolong, well prolong what was inevitable for the attempt. Unfortunately, it was a shame that the tactic was used, as themak3r quoted before they went all mid, that their picks were actually some of the best of the tournament, bit of a shame and a waste.... we live and learn though.

    Good byes, and welcomes....

    Team SYDX will now be forfeited from all games after not showing consistently for weeks now. SYDX and GSD members go back a long way and it's a shame to see a team of guys that play together almost everyday not be able to simply get their team together for a couple of games per week on a fixed schedule. Frankly, myself and the GSD Admins have been asking them for days to confirm with no word or response. FIVE minutes before their first game I have random members asking where their captain is... yes... this is the shit  I have to deal with. For the 2nd game they had 3-4 members sat in legion TD and were not willing to continue. The reality, I understand it might be hard to get your guys together but when the captain is unresponsive and the players don't know its hard to get an answer. On top of that, its just common courtesy, I've had teams sat in lobby's waiting for opponents for 30+ mins per game in the hope they turn up. I like to keep it strict, but, as most of you will know, I'd rather give them a chance to show to get the game played in the spirit of the league.

    Team oOo did not show for their second game, well the captain and some didn't, raze and teshin were there but they didnt take their first loss too well. Ego gaming comes into mind here and if you can't take a loss or take it as serious or show determination then gassing off in the channel about how "pro" you are just doesn't fit. Commiserations to 1.raze as he was left by his team to explain their absence, appreciate that he got in contact. Again we live and learn, and if the oOo guys can bury their ego, get humble, there is still time to recover from the losses and make an impact in the post league Tournament that will still give them a chance to walk away with the 500e prize. On that, season two I suspect both raze and teshin working on building a team of their own preference that can deliver a skillset closer to their own unless oOo relive their first few weeks of glory.

    Team GSD faced a loss in their only game this week after some great wins last week, some gaps in their game play, item selections from certain players and heroes and players that need to take a strong look at their net connection before a match will determine that. I'm sure we al had a confused look on our faces at jungle doom, archane, blink.....

    Team DAP
    Who have only shown for 1 week were a USA based team that could not make the allocated times, even though I was willing for them to join the league and play ALL their games at any times they were free with the other captain, they still haven't come to light. A shame but it is what it is, in light of this, since they haven't take part in the league, I have given that team slot to another team that did play last night vs ManaPolice. Lets all welcome the new Team DAP who will over the course of the next week get the 3 games they are behind on caught up. Captain of other teams, please be aware that you will be contacted.

    The Team DAP so far consists of:
    Bagfullofdiik (fere)
    Callmebigmomma (ru1na)

    and their respective 3 subs I will have this week.

    To keep the league more fruity this will be a great addin in place of the original DAP, if not more interesting as they are a very strong team, and gave current league table leaders ManaPolice a real run for their money in the early game!

    SEASON 2!!!!

    Season 2 is going to open for signups this weeks, there are going to be rule changes, much like the F1 Grand Prix, every season will be different. I'm cosidering the followinw and iss et to the attached poll.

    Item restrictions:
    2x archanes
    1x Necro Book
    2x Guinsoo
    Per team per game mx

    Wild Card Week:
    During the league in ONE week you can use an unlisted player that is not on any other team (this is to help those that struggled to get their team online...)

    Champions League Day Change:
    Champions Legue football affected this league, so maybe moving the Team LEague to monday for the days CL is on?

    Permanant change to the day:
    Off the back of this, would monday/sunday be better?

    Modes and groups and games:
    IF we get more teams signed I'd create two groups with the winnrs(s) of each group going to playoff. Based on this we can have a scenario where you play each team twice, would it suffice to make differences to this, ONE game CM ONE CD?

    Other rules adn suggestions? Autobans dont have to "set" to what EVERYONE else does, I could pick 5 heroes out of a hat and say these are the AB outwith the CM standard AB.... speak now this is a community league Smile

    -whilst this is a league and other groups run competitions the point of changes to the rules is to keep things fresh and asvoid seeing hte same setup over and over.

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    Re: Team League Week 4 Round-Up

    Post  Chilla_Deluxe on Thu Mar 06, 2014 10:52 pm

    Wednesday was fine u can watch it beside the tournament Very Happy

    If enough teams groups will be ima and ah BO3 system so if someone got ah failgame he can show the skill in the next game revange Smile

    Item restricion is fine and the autobans aswell but if enough teams ah group sytem would be cool

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    Re: Team League Week 4 Round-Up

    Post  Wislaa- on Thu Mar 06, 2014 10:57 pm

    I think sunday and thursday are good options for gaming days, mondey I usually see the least people online. Think item restrictions should be 2 necros. AB heroes-none good call.
    Yes that blink dagger mana boots doom was... why you get blink dagger when you don t look for a cent to get stun?????? Never seen that XD

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    Re: Team League Week 4 Round-Up

    Post  woefthetripper on Fri Mar 07, 2014 12:25 am

    No auto-bans.

    No item restrictions.

    Keep the tournament on wednesday.

    Limit the amount of pauses to 0-1.

    Wildcard = fine.

    Keep the game hard as it should be.


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    Re: Team League Week 4 Round-Up

    Post  ViVaCe_ on Fri Mar 07, 2014 1:07 am

    finally hold on ur rule only for listed Player to Play for that Team.

    every week Teams like yawa or wislaa for example had new Players, not even listed or just signed right before the game.

    Let the Teams be set when they signed, no further Edits of the Team during the season

    the Wildcard for urgent situations is fine tho, so if one guy really cant Play for whatever reasons they can find a standin

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    Re: Team League Week 4 Round-Up

    Post  DongKong on Sat Mar 08, 2014 4:40 am

    make 2 groups, each play against each other then top 2 in each groups plays against each other in a one day tournament with loser bracket - would be fun!

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    Re: Team League Week 4 Round-Up

    Post  dimaT on Sat Mar 08, 2014 2:49 pm

    any team got spots?

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    Re: Team League Week 4 Round-Up

    Post  ernie/3foot2 on Sat Mar 08, 2014 11:38 pm

    dinaT, season 2 signups will open later today, I assume most teams will be changing their linups or recreating new teams, some teams will dissolve too.

    there is a thread for mercs looking for teams in the general GSD Team league section.

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    Re: Team League Week 4 Round-Up

    Post  1.raze.2raze.3 on Tue Apr 08, 2014 5:56 am

    Well, because theese 3-4 guys here dont watch the Champions League international soccer, i think u should still take notice, that 10-15 other players might.. There was some people not showing up last, cause they had to see soccer, and would rather see that instead of playing the game that was signed that evening..
    Even if u watch the "season 2 changes", yea well 15 ppl (atm) voted for CL day change Wink

    In terms of Item restriction, i think you should delete it. See new Tactic, like 4-5x necro.. Would be more fun, and open more for teamtactic Smile

    Else im looking forward to season2, Watching or playing who knows..
    Anyway good job with season1..

    1.raze.2raze.3 // SuckMoarPlz

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    Re: Team League Week 4 Round-Up

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